Litterfall Gallery is a series of exhibitions by the artist Daniel Sroka that explore our everyday relationship with nature.    read intro

For almost twenty years, I have been making art and thinking about nature: how we see it, how we relate to it, and ultimately how we value it. I wanted to be able to explore these thoughts more deeply — to have a space where I could combine my art with writing, audio, and animation to tell a richer and more nuanced story. To be able to fully experiment with this new kind of art exhibit, I decided I needed to start my own gallery.

Litterfall Gallery will exist both online and through printed folios of the exhibitions. The folios (available on request) will contain prints of the artwork and a preview of the accompanying essay. This website will offer the full exhibitions, combining writing and art with audio and video.

Why did I name it Litterfall Gallery? “Litterfall” is organic material that falls from trees, such as leaves, seeds, bark, and twigs. It is an important part of the ecosystem, providing nutrients to the soil and habitats for plants and animals. It is also an important part of how we experience nature, providing one of our most common and personal connections to the natural world.

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Amulet (abstact photograph of a acorn cap) by Daniel Sroka

Inaugural exhibit

Rediscovering our connection to nature

There is a moment when every child discovers nature for the first time. Through my art, I try to understand that moment, and consider how it might help influence our actions as adults.